Monday, April 20, 2015

Florida Vacation Part 1

We recently took a family vacation to Florida.  It was a christmas gift from my parents, and we all agree it was better than any material gift we could ever get.  7 days of family fun in the sun... it was awesome. 

The kids did really well on the flight.  They were entertained by movies and games on the ipad.  Snacks helped too, 

The house we rented was amazing.  Right on the beach, awesome views, a tiki bar next to a sandbox, and a large fishtank. 

This was the view that I woke up to every morning... awesome. 

The view from the porch. 

I loved morning snuggles from my nieces...  Brynnie is the best snuggler.

The first day we arrived it was a little chilly, but it was the perfect day to go into town.  Shopping, eating lunch and playing at the park.  

Kendall and Zoey - they were so cute together the whole trip... I don't think that they have ever had this much consistant cousin time, and they loved it. 

Our favorite street in all of St. Augustine.  The pictures do not come close to doing it justice... the moss hanging down and the huge old trees were so pretty.

 I didn't think that Henry and Zoey were going to nap - too much excitement.  But they played so hard that napping was not an issue (as long as they were separated).  Vacations are hard work!

We spent alot of time at the beach, playing in the sand, finding sea shells, and jumping in the waves.  Zoey spend a lot of time at the beach being terrified of Jelly fish and dragonflies.  Would scream if you tried to set her down on the sand or in the waves.  Of course, then the last morning, she was all about the beach, and said she loved it.  Toddlers. 

We ate all but one dinner at the house, so after plenty of time in the sand and sun we would shower and head to the tiki bar, where the kids could play in the sand, the guys could grill, and beers were served.  Most often they were severed by our waitress, Kendall. 

Zoey insisted that her dress ribbon was actually a headband of a pirate.  I guess that is what you get from going to the pirate museum. 

We did not want to leave, and Henry and Zoey ask to go back to the pink house almost daily!  

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gymnastics Party

For Henry and Zoey's 3rd birthday party, we went to a gymnastics gym.  I wanted something fun for them, rather than just playing at our house.  Our niece had done this for her third birthday party, and I had so much fun watching all the kids run and play (while mine were still crawling around).  So, we booked their birthday party on the night of their birthday.  And it did not disappoint. 

Seriously, the kids had a blast! They listened to the leader, played so hard - they were sweating, and laughed the whole time.  I tried to capture pictures, but half the time it was more fun to watch them, rather than be behind the camera, and the other half, they were moving so fast, that even in sports mode, the pictures came out blurry. 

But, here are some from my favorite gymnastics station of the night... the kids were running down the long trampoline and jumping into the foam block pit.  Seriously hilarious.  First, I got into the foam pit to get the action shots...  And they were funny, but most kids just kind of stepped off the end into the foam: see Zoey. 

Then there was the way Henry jumped into the foam pit. 

Then, I moved up to get pictures of all the kids running down the tramp.  





(Sweaty) Zoey



After an hour of Gymnastics, there was pizza, cake pops and gifts.  Seriously- they are so old looking!

Henry and Zoey are so lucky to have such great friends and family around.  They also have great friends and family that is not near to send them cards, pictures, call Nate and I, etc.  

Bring on the threenage years. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Three Years Old!

Its official.  Henry and Zoey are now 3!

To my Zoey: You are such a sweet little girl.  You love to help, pretend to be a puppy, and watch movies.  You frequently tell people you love them, and will always tell me I look beautiful in the morning.  You also say you look beautiful too.  You are the first one to wake up in the morning, and don't stop talking for the next 10 minutes. You love to eat, and many foods are 'your favorite'.  You don't like to be in trouble, and you tend to be a little bit of a tattle tale.  When you and Henry are fighting, you tend to over react, and you don't always like to share. But you are a funny, silly, crazy little girl!

To Henry:  You are my little cuddle buddy. You like to sit by me or daddy, and be covered with a blanket.  You are such a skinny little dude, and we have trouble finding pants that stay up, so we constantly say 'Henry pull up your pants' and you yell 'BUTT CRACK'.  You have a ton of energy, are very athletic, but not quite coordinated. You have trouble listening sometimes, and we have to remind you that good boys listen.  You like to do things on your time, which causes us to butt heads.  Henry, you are my sensitive little sole, who cares a lot about others.

Both Nate and are love the age their are now, and cannot wait to see what this next year brings!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Say What?

Driving home from school:
Henry: I want to watch a movie in your car mommy.
Me: Henry, only daddy's car has movies.
Zoey: Seriously Henry, what did you expect? Geeze.

Nate getting the kids ready for bath:
Nate: Zoey, get your face out of Henry's butt

Getting ready for school in the morning (we were all in the same room)
Zoey: Daddy, can I have this granola bar?
Daddy: No granola bar this morning Z
Zoey: Mommy, can you open this granola bar for me?
Me: What did daddy just say? Did he say you could have one?
Zoey: He said yes.

Henry:  Mommy, I went poop.  Come see it.  I pooped so many colors.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Photo Dump

2 months into 2015, and I am finally posting some pictures.  

Henry and I playing with play-doh

Tried out ice skating for the first time.  It didn't work so well... they were a little unstable on their feet/ankles.  But they did have fun racing around on the chairs. 

Henry likes to make sure that I watch what happens on movies, especially when he knows something funny is about to happen.. he holds my chin so I can see...

Zoey's hair is finally long enough for braids... she requested two braids like Anna. They were pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Zoey likes to sit between mom and dad while watching movies...

Sometimes I think that Henry will get me to say yes to anything with those eyes... 

I was trying to get a good picture of Zoey, and she wanted to take a picture of herself.... she wasn't too happy having to wait.  But I thought it was cute.

In one week the twinados are going to be three... how did that happen?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Promise

The other day my mom handed me a bag full of my stuff. Pictures, artwork, and 'books' I had written.  Most of them were just good for a laugh, and then went right back in the bag.  But then I found my baby book.  My mom had kept the most detailed baby book I have ever seen.  It started from her being pregnant, to who visited me in the hospital and what gifts they brought.  It continued in detail for the next several years.  Not days, years.  There were pictures, funny things I said, who was invited to my birthday parties, and what we did.  Letters to me from my parents. I was amazed.  Not many parents are this detailed, let alone this detailed for a second child.

Then I thought about the baby books for Henry and Zoey - and I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.  Guys - I took the time to buy 2 baby books, and wrote ONE PAGE in each.  Yep - one page.  Lame.  But, there was hope, because I had blogged a lot about their early days.  But when was the last time I blogged? 4 months ago.  Again Lame.  I love going back to re-read little stories or milestones that I have blogged about Henry and Zoey.  It serves as a way to remember.   So I am making the promise to myself to stick with blogging.  Even if I am the only one who ever reads it.  Because someday, Henry and Zoey can go back and read all about their early years.  And laugh at their pictures (because I sure don't print any out) and someday show their kids.
Thanks for the inspiration mom (and Dad - you did write in there a few times).

So - is there anyone left reading this?  Well, if there is, you can expect to see more posts in the coming weeks and months...
And because what good is a post without a picture of Henry and Zoey:

Friday, October 10, 2014

If you give a kid a camera...

The kids have been really into playing the 'camera game' on our phones lately.  And by camera game - I mean they take pictures.  We are working on aiming it... 

I love seeing what they took pictures of after the fact.  90% of them are feet, legs, chairs, floor... but every once and a while they are really cute. 

I love how Zoey is looking right at the camera here.  I can't tell if Nate was annoyed or really interested in what I was saying... I am going to go with interested :)

Zoey telling Grandpa she went in the potty!

Z going in said potty.  No one has any privacy here...

I love the fact that Henry captured grandpa in action!

Up-close sister shot!!

While he is no budding photographer... I love all these pictures... And I love finding them on my phone. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Henry's First ER Trip

A few weeks ago we were at church.  The band was playing so all the kids were dancing.  Henry was running back and forth when he tripped and fell right into the church pew.  I was actually dancing with Zoey and heard him cry... looked and saw Nate carrying him out - and assumed that he was in trouble for something.  A few minutes later when the usher came and said Nate was looking for me, that Henry needed stitches, time stopped.

There was a lot of blood... but Nate had gotten Henry much calmer... he was still crying a little.  But I could tell, we were in for it.  So we headed to Children's Hospital - in what seemed like the longest drive ever. (It was about 12 minutes).  After we got checked in, Nate brought Zoey home so she could take a nap and hang out with Grandma.

After the Doctor looked at him, they decided to call a pediatric plastic surgeon.  And we were told he would need to be sedated.  I think that was actually the first time I cried... I knew that was going to be hard. 

We had a long wait, for the surgeon to get there, and for the food that was in his system to pass a little more.  The nurse that we had was awesome - and kept finding ways to entertain Henry.  He was a life saver for Henry, and my emotional sanity that day. 

The sedation was horrible! I thought I had prepared myself for it.  I had heard that when kids go limp it is hard... I was ready for that.  I was not ready for his eyes to be open, but completely empty.  Void of the sparkle that is always there.  I really lost it at that point.  

The surgery only lasted 30 minutes, and the plastic surgeon was awesome.  He would have us come over and look so we could see what he was doing, and where the damage was and how he was fixing it.  Recovery went fast too... Henry was able to drink juice pretty quickly, he even wanted to walk around - although he looked like a little drunk man. 

The next day his face was swollen like a balloon! But he was in pretty good spirits.  I kept him home with me, as he had to be watched for 24 hrs after the sedation.  He was tired, and wanted to snuggle alot.  I was fine with that. 

The most heart warming/breaking thing - when we picked up Zoey at school, Henry and her had pretty my been apart for 2 days straight - she was so emotional, that when she saw him she cried. Can you even begin to imagine a bond so strong at 2.5?

A few days later it moved from overly swollen to bruised... pretty good shiner going on.

Five days after the ER trip we had to go back to the surgeon to make sure that it was healing correctly and that the stitches had de-solved. I walked in there thinking that the Dr. would say 'Wow- it has healed so well.'  Instead he said 'Wow - his face should not be this swollen'.  Crap.  They wanted to make sure that there weren't any broken bones in his jaw or check.  The Dr warned me that if Henry couldn't sit still for 15 seconds, that he would need to be sedated again.  Crap again.

So, we had to walk to the other side of Children's - where I was giving myself a pep talk... I could do this - if he needed to be sedated I would be okay. But I did not want to have to go threw that. So, we got to the CT scan, where I convinced him that the big donut was going to take his picture. And bribed him with a chocolate shake.  Then I proceeded to tell the most elaborate story I could think of to keep him still.  It took about 15 minutes, but we got the seconds!

The boy was brave and earned his chocolate shake.  And luckily the Dr called a few minutes (yes- on a Friday called to make sure we had the results) to say that he was clear - no broken bones!

One would think that with a face still healing, you would be a little careful - of course not!  About a week later dude thought he could fly off the swings at daycare - and face planted:

He is completely fine now.  There is still a little pink line, that should go away in a few months. But, don't worry, he still knows to milk it for all it is worth.  When he wants something and we say no, then he will say 'it will help my owie. It hurts right here' and point to his lip... stinker.