Thursday, September 22, 2016

Summer 2016

This summer has been a whirlwind of fun!  

Between enjoying our new house, time at the lake, hanging with friends, t-ball and biking- there has been little time of anything else.   This summer, we dropped the precious nap time.  While I used to love weekend naps- not having napes actually made our summer that much better. We played hard and then fell asleep hard!
The days are the lake were amazing.  I think that we have reached the easy years.  Overall, the kids can go with the flow more, they get excited about making plans and are easier to calm if they do get upset. 

We signed up for t-ball, and unknown to us, 6 other of Henry and Zoey's friends from school were all signed up too.  They had so much fun!  There were several trips for ice cream after getting all sweaty and dusty.

Our annual spring trip to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum- always a good time.

PSA- the small size icee at the movie theater is still bigger than your toddler's head.  We loved Finding Dory, Zootopia and Secret Life of Pets this summer. 

For the 4th of July, I said up at the lake for the whole week with Henry and Zoey (Nate had to work for a few days)- and it was wonderful.  Relaxing, perfect and fun!  All of the weekends that we were up north managed to be sunny and nice. The sad news, we sold our jet ski. It was a fun experiment, but just never worked well. Nate shed a little tear each time a jet ski would drive past. Overall, the summer was amazing!

Those weekends that we were not at cabin, we biked to the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.  Always started with a cinnamon roll from Great Harvest.

While interior house projects have been light this summer- we have taken on the largest landscape project ever!  Our yard was a little less usable this summer, but we plan of fully enjoying it for the years to come. I will show you more next week.

We did get to enjoy a few meals and fires outside.

While I am sad summer is over, I am ready for fall.  I feel like fall is a little like new years. A fresh start.  I got more organized, the kids are learning again, windows are wide open, and the leaves are turning colors.  There always seems to be little more free time, and now I wont feel guilty about tackling indoor projects.

Look for more in the coming weeks. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

House Tour: Before

Before we moved anything into the house, I took a few pictures.  Again, these are all with my phone.  I really need to break out my camera soon.  But I wanted to share these, as we have been living here for almost 3 months already.

This is the view from the entry way.  To the left is the Blue Room, and the right is the upstairs.  The wall straight back to the left is the pantry, and behind that - the kitchen.

One side of the Blue Room.  Now you know where it gets the name - blue carpet. 

The other side of the Blue Room... those windows! (If you can look past the curtains)

Remember how we moved in December- and look at how green the grass was!

The kitchen.  This window has the same view as you see above.  through the wall on the left is the Blue Room, and on the right you can see the cabinets that came down. 

The eat in kitchen area. 

The view from the kitchen area to the downstairs. 

Standing in the same place as the above photo, looking back at the front door.  

After you go down about 4 steps, this is the living room. 

This is the basement.  It is below front door and the blue room.  That door goes out to stairs that take you into the garage... the only place that you can get from the garage to the inside.  I love that even in the basement there is a huge window. 

The other side of the basement.  

One of my favorite features of the house... the workshop. 

This is the guest room- which is bigger than all three bedrooms in our old house put together. This is on the same level as the living room. 

At the top of the stairs is Henry's room.

And the master, with our own private deck!! And more ugly curtains. 

The view from the deck... 

The small, but perfectly fine master bath.

I love the big closest in the master... with built in shoe racks. 

 Zoey's room. She had taken a bag of toys over to see the new house.  And already made a mess.  This was actually the first demo that we did.... that built in desk was cute, but was leaning off the wall... hanging on by a nail.  I didnt want anyone to get hurt, so off it went. 

This is the kids bathroom.  Lovely blue... They kids love that they get to go potty in a blue toilet :)

This tub is actually amazing... wide and deep.  Will likely not replace it, and get it refinished instead. 

So that is the house before we moved it, and started to make it our own.  There is years of work here... but we are so excited about it.  And when it gets too overwhelming, we just look at the view, and remind ourselves that this is our forever home, and we can take our time making it perfect!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday!

Henry and Zoey turned 4 on March 7th.  I had about 5 posts that I started and then erased.  I can't really put into words how I feel about this.  It is both amazing (they are fun, funny, smart, kind, and can't wait to see who they are going to become and for the fun year ahead) and terrifying (they were just born, and yet they are not toddlers anymore. They will soon enter kindergarten, and time will just continue to speed way too fast). 

So, I will just leave you with the annual picture with the elephant!

Oh, and this one, because it makes me laugh.  I asked them if I could take a picture, and they both marched over to the white wall- am I that bad already?  Someone was excited, and someone was still asleep. 

When they were younger, it would take me 100 pictures to get one worth using... now I can get a good one with only 2 pictures, and a really good bribe :)

Now off to enjoy my 4 year olds!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

White Wall Wednesday

When I finished painting the kitchen, there was one big white wall (on the right side of the below picture).... and it was just begging to have art work on it.

But then I realized how it got perfect morning sun, and I could get some amazingly fun pictures of the kiddos!

And now I never want to hang pictures there.  I am sure that in time, I will tire of such a blank wall (or my kids will stop letting me take their picture in the same spot every day), but in the mean time, I am putting the wall to good use.  Look for future white wall pictures!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Black is the new Black

When we were moving into the new house, I told the kids that they could pick their wall color.  I wanted to make sure the liked their rooms, to try to minimize any emotion caused by the move.  From day one, Henry said he wanted a black room.  I thought he would change his mind, so I kept asking, and he still insisted on black.  But "mom, just one wall black, otherwise the nightmares might come" so one wall it was. 

So, I had a day off, and I got all ready to paint.  It is really hard to get a good picture of the one wall that I was painting, but here is the before:

And a couple of afters:


I really love it!! I have to say, I thought that it would take 16 coats, but I used Clark and Kensington from Ace, and 1.5 coats did the trick! 

Henry was so excited when he came home and saw his room!  The other walls are still a dirty yellow, so those will be replaced with white shortly.  And, he doesn't know it yet, but some super sweet Super Hero art is coming to jazz up the black wall!  I cant wait for it to be finished and share it with him, and you all!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Girls Weekend

In early February my college girlsfriends (minus one) got together in LA  Kelly was living there (and moved the week after we visited).  It was the perfect weekend of friends and fun.

We landed and went right to the taping of the Conan show.  It was pretty interesting to see how things worked!

The next day, we headed out for a hike... a major hill in Malibu with some great views.  It was a challenge, especially carrying that champagne bottle up the hill!

The next day we took the train to Santa Barbara to drink some wine :)

The train ride home... classy wine and Doritos :)

The last day we were all a little out of it- a lot of wine, and we are not in our 20s anymore.  But we did a little shopping and then went to the Getty Museum, such a great view for our last sunset in LA.

I had so much fun, and it was hard to leave.  Between the 6 of us, we live in 4 different states (and now Kelly will be in Japan for 2 years).  With 11 kids and counting between us, and jobs and lives, we are able to get together less and less.  But what is amazing about these girls, is that we can pick right up where we left off.  It is like we just saw each other yesterday.  If only get togethers like this could happen more often.