Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The kids bathroom currently- the good, the okay, and the weird

Henry and Zoey's bathroom is 'unique'.  There is some very fun features that will be so fun to work with in the short term.  In the long term, we will most likely renovate to include a shower in the bathtub and tile all the way up those walls.

One of the more unique things is the bathtub.  Not only is the color turquoise - but the the tub is at an off angle.  I don't really understand the weird angle.  It does give a little more storage on the sides for the kids bath toys and maybe adds an inch of length.  It is nice and deep, I the kids love to 'swim' during bath time, and I have even taken several baths.  Overall, this is a weird but good feature.

The tub is actually really nice and solid.  When we renovate, I am guessing that we will keep the tub, getting it coated white and add tile walls to have a shower in there as well.  I don't really mind the tile on the floor, but it is nothing fun- its just okay.  This tile is on the floors in all three of our bathrooms, so I think I will want to mix it up at some point. 

Like much of the rest of the house, there is wallpaper on these walls as well.  And like the bathtub, the sink and toilet (you can see the very corner on the right side of the picture) are turquoise.  Bonus: toothpaste is fairly camouflaged in a turquoise sink.

My least favorite part of the bathroom are those lights.  I mean- don't get me wrong- I LOVE that there are pendant lights in the bathroom- it seems so fancy, and not something that I would ever think to put in a new bathroom... but these lights are bad. Cheap gold plating, plastic 'glass', and all around gross looking.  I cannot wait to replace them with something much cooler... because who doesn't want sweet pendant lights in their bathroom. 

Closer up of the lights and wallpaper- for your viewing pleasure :)

This winter, I plan on removing the wallpaper, painting the walls and the vanity.  And I have already been searching for fun, unique pendants to replace these. I am trying to think of ones that will work in the short term, with all the colors going on, and the long term, with a fresh bathroom.

So, that last one is a little bit of a curve ball... it is a little out there- and not likely something that will fit in the bathroom after we renovate, but I just kept coming back to it... so I had to include that. But my favorite one is the star pendent.  So fun, and the reflection would probably be amazing!  That is likely the lights I end up with... but until I am ready to work on the bathroom, I can keep searching for all the fun pendants!

Any other fun pendants you have seen out there? Share them!

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