Monday, October 17, 2016

Dining/Living Room Update

I am really loving how our dining room is coming together.  When we moved in, there was literally one piece of furniture in here, and for a few weeks I thought we would wait to touch this room until we re-did the main floor.  Now that we have made progress on this space, I am so glad that we didn't wait.

As I said, when we moved in there was one cabinet in here... there was not even an overhead light.  and this is how we are sitting now. 

From this angle, it looks like there are no windows in this room, but I promise you, there is a ton of natural light.   What I love most what this room is that is has been collected over time, from different styles and time periods.   We bought this light from crate and barrel.  These are the chairs that we got. The table and the bookcase are both Craigslist finds.  The leather chair was given to us by family friends- and is now the best seat in the house.

I am still working on filling the bookcase... but I am seriously loving it.  It was more than I usually spend from craigslist, but it is totally worth it.  I am also loving my new snake plant. 
You can see from this view, the dining room is to the right of the entry way.  The wall on the left of the picture is the kitchen.  This cabinet was the one that we had from our previous house.  

From the dining room, here you can look back into the kitchen.  Some of these walls will eventually go away. 

So, still need to paint these walls and hang art on this part of the room... but who cares when there are those windows!

Eventually, there will be a fireplace where the TV is now... I CAN NOT WAIT.   Oh, and look at my fiddle leaf fig.  He is pretty happy there :)

Looks back at the full living room.  It is a little dark.  Again, more work to be done, and some blue carpet to get rid steps. 

I didn't know how much we would use this room, since we have our table in the kitchen area, and have a family room downstairs.  And while we use this room less, I actually like it that way.  I can have a fall table-scape without having to take it down for each meal. And I can read a book without worry about sitting on granola bar crumbs.  And I can stare out the windows in peace :)  I can't wait to curl up by a fire in the winters to come.

Stay tuned for more updates...

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