Friday, October 28, 2016

Fall in Minnesota

If you are from Minnesota, people always ask why you live there... and many times the answer is 'for the summers'.  And while I love summers here, I LOVE fall. We have been taking advantage of the unusual warm-ish fall weather around here.

 A new pedestrian bridge opened not far from our house, and early one morning we went to check it out.  It was a bird watchers paradise, until two loud kids started running up and down (oops). 


This year, Nate's Grandma had HUGE pumpkins that we brough home... but we still needed to hit up the local nursery for more pumpkins and the corn pit.  I swear- if I knew I could keep the animals out, I would have a corn pit in my backyard.  These two played in it for over an hour, and only got out when we made them.  And it is less messy than sand... although the next time that Henry went to the bathroom, there may have been a corn or two that fell into the toilet... heheh.

We also took a long weekend and headed down to Kansas City for Nate's Cousins wedding.  The first 3 days were spent at the Great Wolf Lodge.  These kids love the water more than anything... and Nate and I and his parents had fun too.  In fact, I didn't pull out my phone for a single picture until we were this is what I got;  a mid-wolf-howl picture.

 Some back yard color one morning; grass growing in, leaves turning color, Zoey was just out of this shot on the

Our friends had the first annual yard game/beer Olympics.  Every couple had to dress like a country, so I made skirts kilts so Nate and I could go as Scotland.  The setting was so beautiful that I had to share (or I just wanted to show everyone Nate's legs in a skirt)

We are in full Halloween swing this week; pumpkin carving, candy eating, costume party going fun. I will share home made costumes next week.

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