Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Is it really Halloween? More like - is it finally the real Halloween.  These kids have been to more Halloween parties than I can count.  I mean, I love that they get to wear their costumes so many times, and get to stretch out the season as long as possible- but we already have more candy than we know what to do with!

Friday was an amazing day.  Nearly 70.  So, we moved our pumpkins to the driveway for some carving!  We had 4 pumpkins that we were carving, so we each got to pick our our design. Henry and Zoey both drew faces with really small eyes... so in order to make the eyes small enough, Nate got out the drill.  Well, using the drill only 2 times was not enough... so their pumpkins had about 20 eyes each.

This year was the first Halloween in our house- so I wanted to stay home and meet as many people with young kids as we could.  Nate took the kids out to trick or treat.  This is the first year that we have not just driven to a few friends/grandparents houses; and the kids were SOOOO excited.

Henry was so excited to be Kylo Ren, because he has the coolest lightsaber.  Zoey wanted to be a rainbow unicorn.  Without much luck finding one to purchase, I got out my sewing machine and glue gun.  She loves that thing and I am pretty happy with how it turned out too. 

 One lesson from this: carefully consider the color of your kids Halloween costume.  Henry's is all Black, did not even think about the fact that no one would be able to see him at night until a few nights before Halloween.  Luckily some glow in the dark tape helped.  Zoey's unicorn was all white.  The first 3 Halloween parties she wore her costume to involved Cheetos. And girl loves Cheetos.  With  sparkly felt and feathers, this thing cant be washed.  So some spot cleaning had to do.  Next year, I will think twice about the color they are wearing. 

 A little pre-dusk photo of our pumpkins family of pumpkins.

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