Monday, February 17, 2014

So this happened:

On and off for a week or so, Henry has been asking to sleep in the big boy bed in our guest room.  I would put in in bed when we were hanging out, and he would just lay there. But, when it came time for bed time, we would just put them in their cribs, no matter what they asked. 

Here is the thing.  They are really good sleepers all around.  Not perfect, but good.  Lately, they have been staying awake a little longer than normal, talking to each other from one crib to another, but not fussing or crying.  So we didn't want to ruin that.  

Plus, while I think about how I am going decorate their big kid room, I haven't really 'thought' about them sleeping in beds.  We weren't in a rush.  There will be no more babies that need the cribs.  They haven't really started getting out (besides crawling on to the dresser a few times)... so why make the change?

Last night Nate and I were brave enough to let them try it.  During the day, we cleared out things on the book shelf that they might get into.  Put a monitor in the room, and laid pillows all around the bed.  We agreed that we would give them 30 minutes to fall asleep... and one time putting them back in bed.  As we were putting them in bed, we told them that this was a trial, and if they were good, they could sleep there all night... otherwise they would have to go back into their cribs.  They both said 'no' to that, so I made the assumption they were on board. 

After tucking them in, and watching the monitor like hawks, we were surprised how well they did.  I had to go put Henry back in bed once (after he fell out reaching for his puppy) and Zoey climbed out once to get her nuk - and cried when she couldn't get back in.  We did have to go in a few times and tell them to be quite and that it was time to go to sleep... since they were a little excited about sleeping together.  But then, about an hour later, they were both out.  (Yes, I said an hour... even though we agreed on a half hour.  In reality, that's only a little bit longer than when they are in their cribs lately).  They slept all night... And called for us in the morning without getting out of bed.  I was very impressed with them!  Now, we will see if they keep doing this well or if it is back to the cribs for a while. 

Any tips out there for getting kids (especially twins or kids sharing a room) to sleep in big kid beds?! 

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  1. We have three in three twin beds in one room. They love it. They know if they get out they will be sleeping alone in our closet on the extra bed we have in there for them. They successfully sleep in their beds every night. Best I got. Consistency!