Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rocking Chair

A few weeks ago, my Aunt gave a rocking to Molly. It was a rocking chair that our Grandpa had given to Jan when she graduated Pharmacy school. 

The chair was comfortable and worked great, but it didn't look so pretty. Sorry - I forgot the before pictures. But it was wood tone, with brown and orange fabric on it.

Here is the after:

Since the baby's nursery has all white wood, I painted the chair white. Molly picked out the cute fabric. You can't really tell from this picture, but they are little white polka dots. 

Also I made the seat have a little more padding, so it would be more comfortable, you can see that Colby liked it :)

Glad you like it Molly! And cant wait until the little one comes so you can rock him/her in the chair. 


  1. Thanks for posting Meg! We were begging Molly to get you to post pics! Now can we see the bassinet!?! :) - Susan

  2. Oh and BTW - it looks amazing! :) - Susan