Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Door Color

About a year ago, we replaced an old rust colored door.  It was falling apart, and we just needed a new one before winter.  Since then it has been sitting white.  I actually really like it white, but there is something about a bright from door that just speaks to me.  

I have been searching pinterest for some inspiration.  I am really torn between Yellow, Orange, and Navy Blue.

gray house with a yellow door.  not sure if I can bring myself to take my gray + yellow obsession this far, but maybe #exterior
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I love this entrance! Light, reddish/orange door, numbers, and gray color!
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Front door. gray house, nautical blue door
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What would you do if it was your house?


  1. I just painted our front door yellow!

  2. If I was brave enough I would do a bright color like the yellow. However, since I am very timid I would probably pick the blue. Yellow would go with the inside of your house nicely though. My two cents. :)

  3. Try to visualize your house with each of your chosen colors. From there, you'll have a clear idea of which color will look best on your door. Anyway, determine first what kind of aura you'd want to give your guests; it can also help you land on the best decision.

  4. This is just like my dilemma in changing my hair color. Hehe! Anyway, Joe is right. You have to visualize your house with each of your chosen colors. It'll be easier to decide when you have a clear view of your home's facade after the repaint. Moreover, you can also take a cue from your neighbors' own doors. You can join their color coding or have your own unique and attractive door. :)

    Katie Nicoll @

  5. I would say it depends on how the rest of your exterior looks like, particularly the sidings and the doorframe. Basing it solely on the pictures, the orange and blue ones look great with their respective sidings. The yellow one seems out of place, to be honest.


  6. I love the colors that you are trying to decide from! Personally, I think that the darker shade of orange is the obvious choice. Although, to truly give my suggestion, I would optimally want to see a picture of your entire home and the shrubbery that surrounds it. I bet you will make the right choice, for the navy blue is a close runner-up in my book!

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock