Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Say What?

Driving home from school:
Henry: I want to watch a movie in your car mommy.
Me: Henry, only daddy's car has movies.
Zoey: Seriously Henry, what did you expect? Geeze.

Nate getting the kids ready for bath:
Nate: Zoey, get your face out of Henry's butt

Getting ready for school in the morning (we were all in the same room)
Zoey: Daddy, can I have this granola bar?
Daddy: No granola bar this morning Z
Zoey: Mommy, can you open this granola bar for me?
Me: What did daddy just say? Did he say you could have one?
Zoey: He said yes.

Henry:  Mommy, I went poop.  Come see it.  I pooped so many colors.

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