Monday, January 14, 2013

Splish Splash we were taking a bath

Henry and Zoey LOVE their bath time.  They can be in horrible moods, plop them in the tube and they are all giggles.  Henry splashes the entire time.  Half of the bath water is gone before they get out. Luckily when Henry splashes Zoey, she just laughs.

 I dont know how I did it... but I caught the splashes in mid air.  

 Our bathtub looks like a wave pool!  And Zoey has all the toys in her end...

 Then - at the end of the bath - this happened.  Cant see what it is?....

Yep, Henry pooped in the tub.  Luckily we saw the bubbles and grabbed Zoey out of the tub.  Henry was so proud of himself, giggling the whole time.  

On a more positive note, our water babies start swimming lessons this week, so we are so excited.

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