Monday, February 11, 2013

11 Months

H and Z are 11 months old!!  While they are getting more fun each month, it is also getting much harder to get a good picture each month. 

This month was by far the hardest, as they are now both mobile, it was almost bedtime, and they were too excited to see dad, who had been gone all weekend. 

We gave up on sitting in front of the elephant... that lasted for a half a picture. 

Zoey doing some down dog yoga, and Henry putting some wrestling moves on the elephant.

 Trying to get dad's attention...

11 months old!


  1. Happy 11 Month Birthday, H and Z! So bittersweet, right?!?

  2. How are they already 11 months old???

    What are you guys doing for the 1st birthday?

  3. I love Zoey's little pageant wave in the bottom picture!!