Monday, November 5, 2012

Basement Help

Okay, so I showed you our basement last week.  And while there are a ton of things I love about it - there are a few things I don't like.  First - it is always dark down there.  No matter how many lights we have on, it doesn't get really bright.  The second thing is how much attention is focused on the TV.  Yes, our TV is huge, but I wish that people would notice other things in addition to the TV.

So - I was thinking that there is a solution that might solve both of these issues, but Nate and I disagree, so I need your opinion.

 First here is our TV wall straight on... again - dark.
I was thinking it would be so fun to add a pattern in white on that wall.  The white would brighten the basement up, and the stencil pattern would detract a little bit from the TV. Maybe.

#1 - via here

#2 - via here 

#3 - via here

#4 - via here

#5 - via here

#6 - via here

#7 - via here
#8 - do nothing

What do you think?  I have 2 favorites... but want you to vote.


  1. Replies
    1. You aren't allowed to vote :) You just don't want to do any of the work. Love you anyway

  2. Regardless of the patter you choose, I think you're right that a little white paint would brighten things up down there. One point for Megan.

    Personally, I like #2 and #4. Which were the two that you had in mind?

  3. Could you first try to paint the shelves and tv console white? It seems like there is already a lot going on with that wall and possibly a white pattern would make it too busy, unless the other big items were white. Could you paint the walls a white or light gray? How about back-lighting the tv?

  4. I think a pattern on the TV wall would be too much going on on that one wall. I think that would draw your attention MORE towards the TV. Could you do a pattern on a different wall to draw attention away from the TV - not towards it? Also like the idea of making that wall or the TV console white.

  5. I vote #4 - looooooove it!!