Monday, April 27, 2009

Paint Problems

So - as you know we are re-doing are dining room (technically- it is doing our dining room for the first time - since we didn't do anything when we moved in). Nate and I went back and forth on if we should paint or not - and decided on not. We needed to do some touch up with the current paint job - so went and got the paint matched. As we were doing the touch ups Nate and I realized that our dining room actually has 2 different color walls. Seriously, we have lived year for nearly 2 years - and never noticed...
So now we are going to be painting the dining room. Nate and I are both leaning towards a mustard yellow - I am just worried how it will look with our wood trim (I wish it was white - but that is too big of a project for me right now).
Anway, below are some of the pictures of the yellow that I am leaning toward...

I also have white spots in here for some comparison - and trying to decide if maybe I want the clean white look. If you notice the spots below the outlet above - that is the result of us not realizing that we had 2 different color walls.

This is the view of what you would see when you first come into the house.

Last- this is a close up of the yellow with our new dining chairs, the console table and the window trim...I am a little nervous that it will be too much....

Please help - let me know your opinion.


  1. Megan, I linked to your blog from Kelly's when I saw the post "paint problems" in her side you have no idea how many times I've screwed up a room by picking the wrong color. We just repainted our kitchen a mustardy yellow color (Wild Bamboo from Behr) and we have all wood trim. Do you want me to email you some pictures? Let me know if that would help!

  2. I love the idea of yellow. It's cheery, warm and it will give good constrast to both the wood trim, the dark table and the light chairs. If you are worried about the "bam" factor when walking in the front door, you could two tone the room like the previous owners. Maybe a version of the yellow you picked out, but a step lighter on the West wall.

  3. Behr Wild Bamboo from Home Depot

    Can't wait to see what it looks like when you are done!

  4. Is your kitchen gray? Would it be too "Hawkeye" if you had a yellow dining room?