Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lifetime Fitness

Ever since I moved to the arctic I've been a member at Lifetime. Original thoughts were this is a yuppy club that charges way too much, is way overcrowded, and will be under utilized. So it turns out that maybe only the latter is true (need to get motivated!!!).

Lifetime costs Meg and I about $100 a month. With the aid of our health insurance providers and 12 trips per month each we can bring that down to $60. Still kind of pricey and I'm sure other local joints would beat the price with the insurance discount. However, a few months back I started paying attention to all the advertisements at Lifetime. Soon we were saving 10% on our T-Mobile bill. Then we were saving 10% on our auto/home insurance. This summer we can get 2 for 1's at most golf courses around town. They also offer discounts on gift cards to places all over town; restaurants, movies, etc.

Overcrowded?!? I haven't had any problems getting a machine, the only problem I've had is finding a parking space.

Motivation = $$$ The months shortly after the wedding I was a slacker but since then have picked up the pace and am getting back after it. Ripped, tore up, swole; probably not words that describe me and never will. La Casa Salsa and Red Vines are an issue...

So if your new budget may have you cutting out the gym- you may be able to let it pay for itself. (I tried so desperately to add something about cutting out the fat there, but i just couldn't put it together)

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