Friday, December 14, 2012

No more Helmet

This past Tuesday we met with Zoey's doctor again.  And he gave us the good news we were hoping for - she does not need her helmet anymore!!!


After - 9 weeks of the Helmet

We could not be more pleased with the results.  And I know that when she is older and sees these pictures, she will be so happy that we got her the helmet. 

Zoey seems to be adjusting to not having the helmet just as well as she adjusted to having it. And we are hoping that it continues.  

The sad news... her hair is sticking up a little less.  Partially because her hair is getting longer, but mostly because her helmet is no longer there to help it stick up. 

If you have a child that may need a helmet - I would not hesitate to recommend that you get one.  It is annoying at times, it can get stinky and it is not cheap, but totally worth it in the end.


  1. Yeah, that went quick, and what a difference. Like I said, I regret that we never did it with Caleb.

  2. That is amazing!! Such a cutie pie!!

  3. Which helmet did you go with? The before and after pics are amazing. Do you have pics of her with the helmet?

    1. Janine- We went with the molding cap, which is what the dr recommended. It took 9 weeks, and it is still not perfect, but we were beyond thrilled with the results. If you go to this post: you can see her with the helmet on.
      Are you getting a helmet for your little one?