Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Pictures

About 2 weeks to late, but I wanted to share some of the fun pictures from Christmas

First the group shot on Christmas at Ingles:

Kendall loved being the center of attention....there are never too many people looking at her. 

Christmas morning... celebrating out on the new deck.  Yes, it was like 40 degrees, in Minnesota on Christmas.  It was nice out, but kind of sad without snow.  Kendall was pointing at the dog next door. 

Toasting to the awesome new deck that Nick built. 

Kendall was playing elf by delivering all the gifts.  It was a tough job.

I had the biggest present, so I got to go first - with Kendall's help of course. 

Yes! The artwork I wanted for the nursery.

Kendall was much more excited about her new clothes than my gift. 

She wasn't too sure about her new boots....

But LOVED her shopping cart!!

Christmas afternoon my aunt, uncle, cousin, and her boyfriend came over for the festivities.  Nate got Keith a fun gift.....

a borat thong!  Whose mouth is open wider... Keith's

or my mom's?

Of course we made him model it :)

 Even better... was Keith's gift to Nate

Another Borat thong!! Scary that those two think alike!

Nice one :)

My dad did not get a Borat thong - he got Mr. Perfect instead.  Scary how much they look and dress alike.  It was too funny. 

All this gift opening wore Kendall out....

But she finally decided that she liked the boots...

Hope that everyone had a great Christmas... but bet no one else had two Borat thongs under their tree.

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  1. Great photos - I'll remember Christmas on the deck (and the Borat thongs, of course).