Thursday, April 16, 2009

Best Pet Products

While Nate and I love Colby and Pepper dearly - we do not always love the hair that they leave behind! Especially now that it is starting to warm up, they are both shedding more.

We have discovered 2 of the best products out there for Cat or Dog (or Husband) hair.

First - the best brush ever! The FURminator. Seriously, check out their website. The brush is expensive, about $40, but you will use it once and think that it is well worth it. This thing can get more hair that you thought that your pet had! Below is a picture from their website (no, it is not Colby - but it could be)

Not only does the brush work well, but the cats seems to really like it- well Colby does, Pepper - not so much.

Next is the new Pledge Fabric Sweeper. Anyone who knows me, knows how often I am pulling out a lint brush (I think that we have one in every room of the house) and getting the couches and chairs. And - when you are trying to be green, throwing away 50 lint roller sheets is not what you want to be doing.

So, when I saw this, I had to try it out... and I LOVE IT! It works really well, and it is quick. And the best part is - I don't feel so guilty for being wasteful. The Fabric Sweeper is still disposable, but according to the commercial will save about 150 lint roller sheets- all at only $2.50!

So if you have a pet that sheds, even a little bit- seriously you MUST try these products!


  1. Send me a fabric sweeper! I haven't seen that over here!

  2. I totally thought that was Colby in the picture above.