Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spray Paint and Solar Power

The two newest additions to the front of our house - spray paint and solar power!

First- the spray paint. When we moved in - everything was gold on the front of our house. The door hardware, the mailbox, the house numbers, and the light. So - since it wasn't in our budget to replace those all this year (the dining room/gutters are claiming all home improvement dollars), I knew that we could afford $10 worth of spray paint.

First the before picture. (This picture was taken the week after we moved in, and there was a HUGE storm- we lost half a tree and some shingles)

See all the gold?!

Below are some of the finished black accents:

Next, the solar power. For our wedding we registered for the solar power lights that are everywhere now. We didn't get them - mainly because our wedding was in December and Target had cleared out all of their summer stuff. Or so we thought, right after the wedding, armed with our gift cards and registry to pick up what we didn't get - we found our solar lights on an end cap - for about half the price. Score. We put them in today!

Ignore all the leaves - I cleaned those up later, but I was too excited to get my lights in.

And finally- the finished product! You can see the black hardware, light, house numbers, and mailbox, as well as the wonderful solar powered lights! Can't wait for tonight to see the lights in action!

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