Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

The holidays were a whirlwind of fun!  They started on the 21st and today is our first full day of rest. Below are just a few pictures of the fun that we had. 

If this picture doesn't describe the magic of the holidays - I don't know what does..

Christmas morning, the kids opened their gift at our house. More on that another day.  Then we went over to my parents house where they were spoiled again.  

Henry was pretty excited that the biggest gift at the house was for him and Zoey...

They clearly loved the basketball hoop... or at least the huge box!

Then, Papa and Nana had the kids go down stairs to show them the gift for all the grandkids... a train set!

You know... just a normal family picture.. :)

Henry was pretending to be Rudolf with some of Nana's decorations. 

Practicing our surprised face!

 A picture with Papa and Nana

Hope that you all had a merry Christmas, and a great end to 2013. 

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