Thursday, January 2, 2014

The kid's Christmas gift

The year, Nate and I decided to make the kids a kitchen for Christmas.  We found an old entertainment center for really cheap on craigslist in October, and began working.  The painting happened pretty quickly, so that we could get it done before it got cold, but we were finishing the details the night before Christmas eve - why does it always work like that... you have tons of time, and you wait until the last minute?  

After the kids when to bed on Christmas eve, Nate and I hauled the kitchen downstairs.  There may have been some injuries and some swearing involved... this thing is solid! And heavy!  Below is the final master piece  (Sorry for the yellow lighting... it was dark out, so the neon sign in the playroom was lighting the room).

Of course their kitchen has a subway tile backsplash :)

All the food is Melissa and Doug, off of Zulilly, but I have some goals of making some more out of felt this year. 

The pots, pans, utensils, and hanging bar all came from Ikea. 

 Cookies baking in the over.  Which happens to be Zoey's favorite part of the kitchen... she takes pretend bites and says 'ummm'

A cheap faucet from Home Depot and a mixing bowl make up the sink.  And we cut the round oven burners and added puffy paint for the raised effect. 

All in all, we probably spent about $130 on the kitchen, which is not cheap, and we probably could have gotten a plastic kitchen from the store for less than that on black Friday.  But, I seriously love that we made this all on our own, and took the extra time to put some love into the kitchen... and make it their very own.  I was awake at 4am on Christmas morning, I was too excited for them to see it, that I couldn't go back to sleep.  

Their reaction was pretty good... They loved it.  Honestly, other kids that have been over here have played with it more than they have, but I know that they will appreciate it for years to come. 

Anyone else spend the time to make gifts for their kids this Christmas?

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