Thursday, December 19, 2013

Crazy Hair

In our house, bath time is quite the event.  First off, because as soon as we say bath - the kids run up the stairs yelling 'Bath time'.  Then, the amount of splashing that goes on is crazy.  Baths usually involve 4 towels, one for Nate and I to protect ourselves from splashes mid bath, one for each kid after bath, and one to wipe down the walls and the floor.  And I would say about half the baths end in a change of clothes for at least one of us.  With the amount of craziness that goes on, paired with two kids with very dry skin, bath time is only every other night for us.

After bath, the kids have about 15 minutes before they go to bed.  They get a snack, we read books, and try to settle down.  Because Zoey's hair is so long, it is not usually dry by the time she goes to bed... which results in some fun morning hair. 

Really - how does one even get hair this crazy?!  I could not stop laughing at this hair

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