Monday, December 16, 2013

Gearing up for Christmas

This past week was a busy one.  About 3 hours after my last post - when I commented on how neither kid had been sick this month - I got a call from daycare, saying Henry had a fever and I had to come and get him. Off to the dr, for what I was assuming was an ear infection.  Two x-rays later, and it was pneumonia.  I jinxed it!

He stayed home the next day, and had a serious melt down.  Literally cried forever, and I could tell it was not a sick cry, but a sad/mad cry.  Finally I realized, since he kept going to their bedroom, that he was looking for Zoey.  He just was not himself until she got home from school, and even then, he made sure that she was not out of his site.  It was shocking, as this was the first time I have seen this much attachment.  And it made my heart melt for them :)

Later that night, I heard Henry coughing, so I went up to check on him, well turned out it was Zoey, who coughed so hard she threw up.  And once Zoey throws up, she does not stop until her stomach is empty. (Sorry for the description - but you didn't have to clean it up)  However, she thought that it was so funny that it was 10pm, and we had to strip her down to her diaper.  She was running around the house saying 'Zoey naked'.  Yep - clearly she was fine.

Friday night we had Nate's company Christmas party.  Which is totally family friendly, but we had the kiddos stay with Nate's parents - they were doing much better, but wanted it to stay that way.  Plus it was Grandma's birthday, and what a better way to celebrate than with a sleepover with the twinados!  Then Saturday night Zoey and Henry got to hang with their cousins for a few hours while we went to dinner to celebrate Nate's mom's birthday. 

Sunday we went to see Santa - after waiting in line for 45 minutes - we were half way successful with 2 kids crying! 

 Sorry it is kind of grainy - this is a picture of the picture :)

Since it was such a busy weekend, we spent Sunday night relaxing, watching Christmas cartoons.

Nothing made me happier, than sitting with my family, snow outside, all the gifts are wrapped, and enjoying a little Mickey Christmas :)

We have a nice quite week before Christmas celebrations kick into full speed. 

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  1. Hhahahahahaha! That Santa picture just about killed me!