Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Twinados are 21 Months

This past weekend the kiddos turned 21 months old!!  

 This is seriously my favorite time of the year, and while I thought that they were fun last year, this year is even better!! They are fascinated with the tree, and leave it mostly alone.  They seem to be oblivious to the fact that there are gifts under the tree, and just get annoyed that the boxes block the view of the kitties.  They can say Santa and say it all the time. We are going to visit Santa this weekend, so we will see how that turns out.  I am honestly hoping for two kids screaming their heads off - mean mom :)

9 months.  H left, Z right

We have been much healthier this month that last year (knock on wood).  They have each had a cold, but put them out for a few days, but nothing like the ear infections, throwing up and RSV of last year. 

Henry and Zoey are talking so much.  They make me laugh constantly. Below are a few of the best 'conversations'.

Zoey - walked past Henry and tooted: 
Henry - Wass at? (What's that)

Henry had a dirty diaper. 
Zoey: ZaZa Poopy.  Butt.  Hehe
(For some unknown reason, Zoey insists on calling Henry Zaza.  She is sometimes ZeZe, so I dont know if that is where she gets it, but no matter what we do, Henry is ZaZa.)

And yes, I do realize that the 2 conversations that made me laugh the hardest, and that I remember are both potty humor... what can I say :)

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  1. Hahaha! Whatever the outcome, please post those Santa pics immediately!