Sunday, January 10, 2016

Demo Time

The kitchen is the heart of the home.  And I truly believe that. After we knocked down a wall and extended our counter top in our last kitchen, my only regret was that we didn't do it sooner.  

This kitchen had much more cabinets than our last one, a full pantry, and tons of potential.  While it is by no means a dream kitchen, we wanted to make it as functional as possible for us until we can do a full reno. 

The main thing making the kitchen less than ideal was the cupboards between the kitchen and the dining room.  They were so low, blocking off any view or functionality.  Might as well have had a full wall. 

When moving in, we didn't put any dishes in these shelves, because we knew they were coming down.  So we wont miss the cabinet space.

Doors came off quickly....  So we lived like this for about 2 weeks.....

But it still blocked my view too much.

On Saturday morning, we made the decision that it was time for the cabinets to go.  While I occupied the kids with some new paints... Nate was pulling nails.  This this was held up with a bunch of HUGE nails and one gigantic bolt. 

After all the nails came down, and the kids were napping, I climbed up into the attic to loosed the bolt.  A little pulling (Thanks Annie and Jeff) and the cabinets were off!


So open and wonderful.

There are a few trim and ceiling fixes to be taken care of, and some new lighting needed, but for now, I am enjoying being in the kitchen as being able to see half the house!

Also, clearly my cell phone pictures aren't doing it.  I get so excited to do stuff, that I forget to take actual/good pictures.  I will work on that. Maybe.

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