Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Promise

The other day my mom handed me a bag full of my stuff. Pictures, artwork, and 'books' I had written.  Most of them were just good for a laugh, and then went right back in the bag.  But then I found my baby book.  My mom had kept the most detailed baby book I have ever seen.  It started from her being pregnant, to who visited me in the hospital and what gifts they brought.  It continued in detail for the next several years.  Not days, years.  There were pictures, funny things I said, who was invited to my birthday parties, and what we did.  Letters to me from my parents. I was amazed.  Not many parents are this detailed, let alone this detailed for a second child.

Then I thought about the baby books for Henry and Zoey - and I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.  Guys - I took the time to buy 2 baby books, and wrote ONE PAGE in each.  Yep - one page.  Lame.  But, there was hope, because I had blogged a lot about their early days.  But when was the last time I blogged? 4 months ago.  Again Lame.  I love going back to re-read little stories or milestones that I have blogged about Henry and Zoey.  It serves as a way to remember.   So I am making the promise to myself to stick with blogging.  Even if I am the only one who ever reads it.  Because someday, Henry and Zoey can go back and read all about their early years.  And laugh at their pictures (because I sure don't print any out) and someday show their kids.
Thanks for the inspiration mom (and Dad - you did write in there a few times).

So - is there anyone left reading this?  Well, if there is, you can expect to see more posts in the coming weeks and months...
And because what good is a post without a picture of Henry and Zoey:

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