Friday, October 10, 2014

If you give a kid a camera...

The kids have been really into playing the 'camera game' on our phones lately.  And by camera game - I mean they take pictures.  We are working on aiming it... 

I love seeing what they took pictures of after the fact.  90% of them are feet, legs, chairs, floor... but every once and a while they are really cute. 

I love how Zoey is looking right at the camera here.  I can't tell if Nate was annoyed or really interested in what I was saying... I am going to go with interested :)

Zoey telling Grandpa she went in the potty!

Z going in said potty.  No one has any privacy here...

I love the fact that Henry captured grandpa in action!

Up-close sister shot!!

While he is no budding photographer... I love all these pictures... And I love finding them on my phone. 

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