Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thank you!

First, I want to say thank you to all of you for your support on Zoey and her helmet!!  The comments, phone calls and emails helped so much...we are so lucky to have such great family and friends!

While researching Plagiocephaly, I came across this awesome site: Bling your Band.  It has decals made specifically for Molding caps.  How awesome is that?  They have a TON of different pre-made designs, some of which made me laugh pretty hard...

I haven't totally decided on a design yet, or if I am going to attempt to make my own. But I love that there is a company out there that does this!  And, currently they are doing a fundraiser to help a family that can't afford to pay for their own molding cap, which I think is great.

Again, thank you all for your support, and look for some pictures of Zoey and her helmet in a about a week.


  1. I love the thinking cap! How cute! Love you guys!

  2. "You should see the other girl" = Priceless!!! Zoey kind of has that bad ass look in her eye already.

  3. Oh my word, they are adorable. We have friends with one that has the Hawkeyes on it ;) And another friend is making one for her nephew to look like a Cyclone football helmet - so cute. Solon wears a patch and I was in awe of the all the "fun" choices they had. He loves to pick his "pirate" patch in the morning and I always love telling people he should not have run with scissors and their looks! I have found that after his diagnsis it makes me more compassionate toward others going through things with their kiddos! Zoey is a sweetie, I love the 2 swinging together in 1 swing ;) Take care and blessings to you!