Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Some love for Henry

Since Zoey and her head have been getting major attention on the blog the past few days... I thought I would give Henry some love.

 Henry's first bath.  I cannot believe how tiny he is here. In the NICU bath time was my favorite, because all cords (with the exception of the feeding tube below) were taken off.  And wow have things changed come bath time.  Henry sits up in a normal bathtub and splashes his heart out.  He sometimes cries when bath time is over :)

Meeting his aunt and uncle for the first time.  Again, so tiny.  Look at the size of his legs compared to Nick's fingers...

Henry is such a happy guy (unless he is hungry, or he is trying to find his Wubbanub while almost alseep.  He is also a HUGE flirt.  Seriously, a man might get a smile, but a woman will get a huge smile and a giggle and more smiles... we are in trouble with this one :)

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