Thursday, October 4, 2012

House Stuff

I know that blog has been baby heavy lately... which I know no one is complaining about.  I mean, who doesn't want to stare at our cute kiddos all day long :)

But another thing that Nate and I love to do, is house projects.  And while for the first few months our time for those projects was non-existent, we have recently been able to sneak some time for some projects.

I am writing this post for a few reasons:
1. To show you hints as to what we are working on
2. To force ourselves to get our butts in gear and finish them already :)

First, this is what was going on in our bathroom a month ago (and no - we did not cut the big, nor did we punch those top holes in the wall.)  The bathroom looks so different than it did a month ago, but it is sitting at 95% done, and we just need to get on that last 5%

Next, our dining room looked like this for a little while. 

(I can hear some of you Gasping)  Yes, we sold the table that Nate built.  It was actually hard to part with, harder for me than him I think.  But, once we got our 2 high chairs in there, the room was way too small to anyone to walk around in.  Plus, the chairs that we had to go with the dining table were tan cloth... that was going to last really long :)

Henry and Zoey really enjoyed the wide open space while it lasted, to move their little walker toys around on, I was almost tempted to not get a new table.  But after the 30th time I hit my head on the light and realized we had no place to eat, I hit up Craigslist to find a table.

And I am really loving what we replaced it with.  I am hoping that we will have something finalized in a week or two **Nate - are you reading this - that means get on it :)

Again, I know that most of you come to the blog recently to see the little ones, but I hope that you dont mind some house stuff thrown in.  We love to do it, and posting about it gives me the motivation (read pressure) to get it done. 

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