Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yes, if you haven't noticed by now, Nate and I love the challenge of doing projects ourselves. Tonight started our official bar building. (Finally, I know- but more on that in another post) So we have realized that there are several things that are common for us because of this.

1. Never know where the tape measure is. We are always measuring things, thinking of new ideas, sketching ideas out, so our tape measure is always on the move.
2. We have 2 tool belts hanging in our laundry room. I got my awesome pink tool belt from my sister and bro in law for my birthday, and finally Nate realized how great they are and got himself a blue one :)
3. Taking into the top 2, we both fight over who gets to have the tape measure in their tool belt.
4. We go to Home Depot, Mendards, etc at least once a week.
5. We have a 'home projects' line item into our monthly budgeting.
6. We frequently have to shop vac the saw dust out of our laundry room, since it is too cold to do any work in the garage
7. The cats aren't scared of power tools
8. We each have our own safety goggles
9. Our projects list is usually about 5 items long
10. Nate commonly points out furniture and says 'I can make that'

We both love the challenge, getting something new for less than at stores, and having fun together while we do projects.

While DIY is not for everyone, it is for us. Do you DIY?

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