Friday, October 2, 2009

Foosball Week 4

ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOVIN' ON UP!

Hawks are on there way up! After a big upset in Happy Valley the Hawks are on moving up the charts!! #13 in the AP, #17 USA Today.

My favorite quote "Why are they calling it an upset? We've been beating Penn State for years."-BF

Iowa 4-0 with Arkansas St at home. GO HAWKS!
ISU 3-1, K-State at home
Gophers 3-1, battle for the ax this weekend
SDSU 3-0, at Cal Poly - VOTE FOR JACK!
St. Thomas - 4-0 playing Gustavus

Lone Tree - 2-3
City High - 5-0
Eastview - 3-1
Lakeville - 3-1
Eden Prairie - 4-0
Elk River - 1-3

CR Kennedy 20-2

Vikings - 3-0, one of the greatest last second plays, BRETT FAVRE IS THE MAN! Big game for Brett and the gang against the Packers this week. Monday night, GO VIKES!!!

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