Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bloomington Love: Shantytown

Ah, Shantytown, how I love thee.

Nate and I learned about Shantytown about a month after we moved to Bloomington, and has been my favorite ever since. If you notice above, it pretty much looks like a house - well I think that it was at one point. It is literally in the middle of a neighborhood - they turned the front lawn into a parking lot and converted the 'house' into the restaurant.

What is so good about Shantytown you ask - pretty much everything. Their burgers are awesome, they offer tater tots as a side, and their onion rings are top notch. Okay, so what if every time I go to Shantytown I get the same thing... I like it. Nate has gotten a few different things there, and always likes what he gets. Plus, it is pretty dang cheap. 2 burgers, 4 beers, and an appetizer are usually under $30

Above is a picture from the bar - nothing special, but that is why I like it. I would feel totally comfortable going to Shantytown in sweatpants (is that so wrong?). Nate and I have also turned the Shantytown into our St. Patty's day dinner tradition. Shantytown also offers Karaoke, but fortunately, Nate and I have not participated :)

This article about the Shantytown was pretty good, and it gives you the address, for those of you that want to run out and try it.

Hope you enjoy!

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