Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nate's Home Improvement - Dining Room Light

Meg and I finally made a decision on the dining room light which Meg has displayed a few times now. It looks really good and Meg will have some more pictures coming up real soon.

The old light that was hanging in the dining room was not quite on center. It was actually about 2-1/2 feet off. Not sure why but we wanted to get it back on center. It turned out to be pretty easy to do the move but I had to rough some wicked conditions to get it done.

The previous box was nailed into the rafters and I couldn't just do a simple move. I had to remove the conduit from the old box, grab the wires and move them to a new position. I then wired up the new light and had to get the wires back to what they were so the switches would work again. Took me a couple of shots to get this one.

Standing on the ladder doing some rewiring makes the job look easy. I had to climb into the 120 degree attic in order to move the box, easily dropped 10 lbs. Had to get up there twice after I learned I couldn't reuse the box.

After I squeezed through the attic access, I had plenty of insulation to work with. What a mess! I think I'll wait til winter to try anything like this again.

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