Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Sports Page

Nate and my favorite townie bar is the Sports Page. Located in Historic Downtown Bloomington (thats what the menu says, but it is really just a strip mall) it is a great place with great food. Best cheese curds, burgers, and fries. Nate and I usually eat and drink there - with appetizers- for under $20. Not to mention Kate. Kate is the waitress at the Sports Page. Lets just say that she clearly has had her fair share of fun - and she isn't all mentally there any more. Kate says a lot of 'I know - riiiiggght', oh, and has a little crush on Nate.

The ambiance of the Sports Page is something else - where else can you find orange shag carpet (besides my freshman year dorm room) and wood paneling on the walls - classy!

Well, the Sports Page is now closed for 5 weeks - they are under going a major face lift. The Sports Page might actually be nice inside once this is done.

We drove by last night to see the progress, and found a website that we can track the construction.

Below is when they first started the demo - you can still see the wood panels and the orange carpet.

And this is their progress as of yesterday.

Making good progress, but not quickly enough. BI don't know how I will feel if the Page actually is nice... weird! But don't doubt that there will be more info on the renovation, and an update when we can finally go back!

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