Tuesday, July 28, 2009

McCullough Gulch and Poop

I'm way over do for this post, almost been a month since we left the Breckenridge area. I apologize for waiting so long to post this...

We are all about the class, can anyone hear Julie in the background:)

We had a really good time on this hike. It may not have been as beautiful as the other hikes we did like Mohawk Lakes or the 14er but we were all in better health and able to enjoy it. The flowers were beginning to come up, this hike had a really nice waterfall along with a lake at the top.

We made a couple of more friends. We saw quite a few marmot, got pretty close to one.

The hike had some pretty good scenery, and I think we got some pretty good "artistic" shots.

This picture is actually upside down. We passed a pond that was so still you could get a crystal clear reflection image. You are actually looking at the surface of the water here, the shore is up top.

I call this "Random Tree" :)

The rocks on the right are a Cairn that Uncle Nick built at the top.

I call this "Uncomfortable Gentleman":) stay classy

On our way we ran into an actual gold mine. Several interesting signs were posted.

Good point Julie!

On a side note I do want everyone to know that we did shower and wash our clothes.

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  1. His pants aren't even down. In a situation like that, and I would know, the poop would have to slide out of the shorts leg, not from the buttocks area. C'mon, what do you take us for?