Monday, July 6, 2009

Gray's Peak - The 14er

The second full day we were in CO was a big day. We had been waiting for the all clear on a path to the top of Gray's Peak, 14,280 feet. Uncle Nick's buddy, Brenden, was all over the websites and weather reports to make sure we had a good day picked out... We couldn't have asked for a better one. The picture above shows Gray's Peak (left) and Torrey's Peak (right). Both eclipse 14,000 ft. You can take a trail to hit both of them but as you can see it was covered in snow.

The crew with Brenden (red shirt).

We got up early and headed to the trail head. Unfortunately, this is where we ran into a large speed bump. Marge was a beast but the road leading up to the trail head was pretty washed out and this meant an additional 2 mile hike just to the trail head. BOO!!

Once we reached the trail head we took a little breather and headed up. The views on the way up were nice but no where near the views of the Mohawk Lakes hike. About halfway up we refueled and took a nice break.

We made some friends along the way

A good portion of the mountain was still covered in snow and it made the trek extremely difficult for us sea levelers. It was a struggle but a group of us made it and it was one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen. I have to give props to Meg for dragging my behind the last 100 yards up the mountain, thank you hunny!!!


  1. 10 hours and about a dozen water bottles later... back at Marge

  2. Is Nate on his cell phone? Seriously Nate.

  3. I'm looking at the GPS, give me a break!