Monday, July 27, 2009

Kelly's Weekend

This past weekend Kelly made it home! Kelly is currently living in Japan, and we have not seen her since the wedding!
It was so good to see her! There was lots of catching up, and eating, and laughing.

Below is a picture from Kelly's going away party when she first moved from the Midwest to Texas. (I don't have pictures from this weekend, so if someone can send me some that would be great.)

The usual crew was around- the GPDT: Missy, Annie, Skinner, Ali, Kelly, Megmo and me.
It was hard to say good bye, but we will see her again - not soon enough though.
It was also nice to realize that 8 months, and half way around the world didn't change anything in our friendship - it is just as strong as always.

Love you Kell - thanks for coming, hope you had safe travels home, and talk to you soon :)

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