Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wall Paper Removal #1

So, one of the downsides of this house, is that there is a lot of wallpaper. I am talking about nearly 50% of the walls covered in stripes, flowers, marble and other ugly patterns that were popular in the 70's.  The view from our kitchen, once the cupboards came down.

The top layer of this wall paper was pretty easy, it came down in big(ish) sheets.

After the top layer came down, we used Chomp wall paper stripper and a scrapper to remove the glue layer.  I would like to say I researched this at least, but nope... it was a gift from friends.  So, I don't have a comparison point to other wall paper strippers, but man, this stuff works awesome.

Once all the wallpaper and glue layers were down, I patched a few dings and dents.  Notice, this wall was never painted.  They put the wallpaper right over the bare sheet rock!

I was on a roll and ready to paint...

And the glorious after:

It looks so fresh and crisp.  (Just ignore the light and the wall paper on the wall below- that is half removed.  That is a fun story for another post). 

While I did all most of the removing and painting, Nate put on the finishing touches that made me so happy: white light switches.

The old light switches had the wall paper on them - gross.  And, even when it was removed they were a dirty beige.  White for the win.

The lights that we picked out are a little different that I thought I was going for, and I love them even more!  Can't wait to show them off!

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