Monday, April 20, 2015

Florida Vacation Part 1

We recently took a family vacation to Florida.  It was a christmas gift from my parents, and we all agree it was better than any material gift we could ever get.  7 days of family fun in the sun... it was awesome. 

The kids did really well on the flight.  They were entertained by movies and games on the ipad.  Snacks helped too, 

The house we rented was amazing.  Right on the beach, awesome views, a tiki bar next to a sandbox, and a large fishtank. 

This was the view that I woke up to every morning... awesome. 

The view from the porch. 

I loved morning snuggles from my nieces...  Brynnie is the best snuggler.

The first day we arrived it was a little chilly, but it was the perfect day to go into town.  Shopping, eating lunch and playing at the park.  

Kendall and Zoey - they were so cute together the whole trip... I don't think that they have ever had this much consistant cousin time, and they loved it. 

Our favorite street in all of St. Augustine.  The pictures do not come close to doing it justice... the moss hanging down and the huge old trees were so pretty.

 I didn't think that Henry and Zoey were going to nap - too much excitement.  But they played so hard that napping was not an issue (as long as they were separated).  Vacations are hard work!

We spent alot of time at the beach, playing in the sand, finding sea shells, and jumping in the waves.  Zoey spend a lot of time at the beach being terrified of Jelly fish and dragonflies.  Would scream if you tried to set her down on the sand or in the waves.  Of course, then the last morning, she was all about the beach, and said she loved it.  Toddlers. 

We ate all but one dinner at the house, so after plenty of time in the sand and sun we would shower and head to the tiki bar, where the kids could play in the sand, the guys could grill, and beers were served.  Most often they were severed by our waitress, Kendall. 

Zoey insisted that her dress ribbon was actually a headband of a pirate.  I guess that is what you get from going to the pirate museum. 

We did not want to leave, and Henry and Zoey ask to go back to the pink house almost daily!  

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