Tuesday, January 14, 2014


At the beginning of last week, it was too cold to do anything, even our daycare was closed.  The kids were getting a little stir crazy, and needed something new to play with. (Because why would they want to play in any of their new toys...that would be too easy).  So I had to get creative. I remember playing in the sink with bubbles when I was little, and thought that Henry and Zoey may like it too.

The didn't like it... they LOVED it.  Seriously.  I gave them some whisks and baster brushes (it is a good thing we have 2 of each) and they went to town.  They played so hard that their clothes were soaking wet and there was water on the floor and up the wall. 

For the next 24 hours, they would stand near the sink and ask for bubbles.  Zoey went so far as to pull the stool over as close as she could to the sink.  I could only say no for so long.  So the next day I filled up the sink again.  I think that I went a little crazy on the soap.  Because the kids went a little crazy with the soap.  Henry needed his head rinsed after this.

While this weekend felt like spring was coming, I know that this is Minnesota and we have at least 2 more months of cold weather.  So I am thinking that I will need more tricks to get us through...Anyone else getting creative with keeping their kiddos entertained in the cold? 

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