Monday, October 15, 2012

Big Girl Dresser

This little girl is going to be a big sister in less than 2 months!! Since she is getting to be so big (she is now potty trained after all), she is getting a big girl room. 
Since baby girl #2 gets the crib, Kendall got to get a big girl bed; which is a double bed by the way.  (Mom and Dad - I know you are reading this and wanted to make you feel guilty that I slept in a single bed until I was 22!!) My sister also picked out a cute rug and bedding, but I knew that I wanted to help. So I did what I do best, and searched Craigslist until we found the perfect dresser.  Which turned out to be more of a dresser/armoire.
 So now this beauty is sitting in my garage, getting all sanded and primed and pimped out for Kendall's big girl room.  (Yep - said pimped out for a 2 year old)

Can't wait to show you the after pictures... It is going to look awesome!

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