Friday, March 16, 2012

One Week Old

Henry and Zoey turned one week old on Wednesday. We really wanted to document their growth since I know that they will be growing so fast... and my sister and BIL had a great idea for our little niece of taking her picture with the same stuffed animal each week.  

So, sweet talking the nurses, we were able to unplug our nuggets from their monitors and snap a few pictures:

Totally unimpressed that they are finally next to each other again.

Zoey is on the left, and Henry is on the right...

Finally Henry peeks his eyes open... and stretches.  Zoey is sucking her arm... she is a hungry girl.

Zoey is yelling feed me already...

 The first family picture :)

Henry - giving dad the stink eye...

Now giving me the stink eye... he is really good at that.

Henry is so over this.. and just wants to eat.

Zoey, and her nuk that is the size of her face

One more of Zoey.

It feels good, that even though we are not at home, and they have their cords in, and we haven't gotten our official new born pics by Melissa, that we are able to document their growth, starting out at week one.

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  1. There is NOTHING BETTER than babies in white onesies! Heck, I still like my toddlers in them. Super cute family!