Thursday, March 22, 2012


It is funny how many little milestones these two pass everyday.  Henry and Zoey are now both above 5lbs and have both lost their umbilical cord thingies... 

Henry now weighs 5lbs 9oz - we are calling him Hank the Tank

Zoey weighs 5lbs 0.3ozs.  Yes, that .3 is very important :)

They are both eating more on their own everyday, and will hopefully be able to take 100% of their meals orally very soon.  Zoey is still having apnea spells, but they are becoming less frequent.  We have noticed that she seems to have them when she gets overly tired, so we are going to try for a few days with no visitors... I know it is hard for family and friends - but if it brings them home sooner, it is better for everyone, especially mom and dad :)

Henry passed his car seat test, he had to sit in it for 90 minutes.  Zoey hasn't tried yet - maybe tonight. 

Now we are just playing the waiting game - waiting for them to eat and get bigger...

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  1. We can wait; at the rate they are growing, the wait won't be long! Keep up the good parenting work you two.