Friday, January 1, 2010

Things I enjoyed in December.

1. Christmas day with the fam
2. Dinner at Fogo de Chao with Nate for our anniversary
3. Christmas eve with the Ingles and Brandells - and mom's humor
4. Christmas in Cedar Rapids with Nate's Family
5. Fondue dinner with Nate - tenderloin is soooo good!
6. Making a snowman on Christmas eve
7. Getting to see our beautiful tree every day
8. Using all of our Wedding decorations to decorate our house for Christmas
9. My awesome anniversary gift from Nate (more on that too come)
10. Both ugly Christmas sweater parties - too funny
11. CRAVE Mac and Cheese - heaven
12. Brave New Workshop with the family, my stomach and face hurt from laughing
13. Mom, Dad, Molly and I shopping and lunching downtown on our day off
14. Seeing the ultrasound of Baby Thorson - looking like a real little person now!
15. Molly's little baby bump- the cutest ever!
16. Using the snow blower - yes, I do enjoy it
17. My second month at my new job- so far so good :)
18. Wrapping Christmas presents
19. Seeing Nate's expression when he realized I got him a grill for our anniversary
20. Our New Year's eve party!
21. Derek's house warming party

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