Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One of my favorite design shows is Color Splash with David Bromstad. I love his designs (usually), and his personality... he makes you feel like you know him. But my favorite part of the show is actually not the reveal, although I love that, it is the part where he is sketching what he wants to do in the room. He draws the room, and then has different furniture cut out options for the homeowner to pick which one they want.

Well, being the AMAZING husband that he is, Nate knew how much I liked this. And without me asking, or even thinking to ask for it, there was 2 boxes sitting under the Christmas tree.

One contained:

Everything that I would need to design my rooms, thick paper, colored pencils, rulers. I thought that this was good enough, but then the other box contained:

The tools I would need to cut out all the shapes. What an awesome gift!

I went to work using it right away. I wanted to tackle our 'bar' area. This area is constantly turned into the junk pile area (as seen below- while we are working on our laundry room).

There are also some annoying parts to this area, like the 2 random cupboards on the back wall. One of them is our fuse box, and the other leads to nothing!

So I turned the main wall of the room, into my area to design.

Then, using my awesome knifes to cut them out, I overlaid some of the different design ideas I had for the room.

The first one uses big picture frames (Nate made of course), hung right on the cupboard doors, and one additional one for symmetry, to hide them. Also below is a possibility for the 'bar'. We are using bar in loose terms, because due to the small space, it will not come away from the wall. The 'bar' will hide the mini fridge, hold glasses and alcohol, and hopefully some games if there is enough room.

On the one above, there would be bar stools in the open area. Below, is an option that is solid from wall to wall, with some fun colorful shelves, also using the same pictures to hide the cupboards.

You could also use this to space plan. If you have a room and you want to know what couch is going to look best in the area - it is really easy. I usually use 1 foot - 1 inch, and it seems to come out great.

I am having so much fun with these Christmas presents- so thoughtful.

Also - we have not totally decided on the final 'bar' yet - so stay tuned. Goal timeline: to be finished in April:)

Let me know if you need any help planning a room - I would love to help!

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  1. You really need to stop doing this. Its making my wife feel as though "I" need to be ambitious as well.