Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nate's Woodshop Class - Shelf

Time again for another Nate creation. Meg pointed out a shelf a long while back that she really liked. Of course, I said... "I can make that":)

Well, several months later... here it is! I actually gave this to Meg as part of her anniversay present, she wasn't able to show it earlier because I didn't know what color she wanted to stain it. Now it's in its final form.

She's already got it nice and decorated.

I started out thinking that I could get it done with a router but several guys at work introduced me to a DADO blade. Works with any table saw. Essentially you group together several saw blades to create a thickness. It's pretty slick and worked really well. I was able to get the slots cut and easily add in the shelves.

I used a 6 ft 2x6 for main piece and a 8' 2x12 for the shelves. A few screws and voila! Meg chose to use the same stain as we had been using with everything else (black Minwax).

Now she's waiting for another on the other side of the TV stand.

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