Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Woodshop! (Sorry Brian)

Nice belt!

As Meg and I are cleaning up the laundry room we decided that we need a cabinet. Meg looked around for stuff at IKEA and some other big box stores like the Depot and Menards. Everything seemed to be in the $80-100 range and we didn't want to spend that much. Luckily we ran into some scraps that the Home Depot were getting rid after building one of there latest displays.

We basically got a sheet of 4x8 MDF for about 8 bucks. It was even already cut into the widths we needed which saved us some headache trying to cut a gigantic piece of wood with a teeny tiny table saw.

We took up shop in the laundry room knowing that we were going to make a mess but the room still needed a good cleaning anyway. Meg went right to work, she does a really good job. I'm really impressed!

As you can see, first timers don't always know what they are doing:)

But it all started coming together

The one thing we knew was going to be a challenge was the sloping of the floor. We have a semi make-shift operation now with a few shims but we are hoping to make this a little more esthetically pleasing soon.

The hardest task was actually throwing on the doors. I thought self-closing hinges would be perfect for the job but in reality they weren't made for this. So after a few more trips to Menard's I think we got it right. We put magnets up at the top to keep the doors shut which totally does the trick for a lot less than the self closing hinges.

One door was made shorter (left) because we had some pipe interference.

The doors work!!

Meg's plans on giving it some color when it warms up a bit.

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