Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Things I Enjoyed in November

1. Having a full week off before staring my new job
2. Starting my new job
3. Going to the new Gopher stadium
4. Getting to see Tim coach against the Gophers
5. Getting some of my Christmas shopping done
6. Going to the Minnesota Iowa game in Iowa City
7. Riding the mechanical bull - and lasting all 8 seconds
8. Getting to make fun of Nate because he didn't stay on the bull for 8 seconds
9. Nate's parents having my whole family over for dinner after the game
10. Getting to celebrate Thanksgiving with both families
11. Hepling Molly pick out her first maturnity clothes
12. Using the power tools all by my self to make our shoe rack
13. The bonfire at Jan and Keith's house after Thanksgiving
14. Getting to decorate for Christmas
15. Seeing pictures of Molly's second ultrasound
16. The warm weather at the beinning of the month
17. That Colby finally got over being sick
18. That it is officially Christmas
19. Fried Turkey!!!
20. Shopping with my parents for their new Kitchen
21. Christmas lights being turned on
22. Watching the Vikings continue to be awesome
23. Mashed potatoes and Gravy
24. My new apple cider recipe
25. Hanging out with the girls, while the guys celebrated Football Freedom 2009
26. Christmas music on the radio (yes - already)
27. Nate and I decorating our tree
28. More fires in the fireplace

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