Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My first Project with Power tools

Between leaving BI and starting work at Fingerhut, I had a week off. It was awesome! There were several things that I needed to get done over the week, and my biggest project was to clean the front closet. We have shoe racks in our upstairs closet, so our shoes stay in order up there; but for the shoes that we wear most frequently and least frequently we had nothing.

The before (and man, I wish I could say that I made it messier for this picture - but I didn't)

So - I had 2 options, to buy a shoe organizer or try to make one. So I made one; All. By. My. Self.
Can you tell that I am proud of this? :)

My goal was to not spend a cent by only using the scraps of wood that we had. Mission accomplished - although it could have looked prettier if I had nice materials to work with (that is my excuse).

So I measured the closet so I would know how big I could go and still get it through the door and started cutting the plywood out with the table saw. (Yes Mom, I was wearing goggles. And yes Molly, I was wearing my pink tool belt)

Putting it together was not easy. I only have 2 hands, and we do not have the cool air nail gun.

Finally- Got it all put together. Yes - I know that it is not the prettiest one in the world, but remember I was using scraps. I was tempted to spray paint it (weird- I know, no one loves spray paint more than me), but decide I should make sure it stayed together before I spent too much more time on it.

One more time with the before:

And the after:

YES - my first solo project was successful!

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  1. can I get a picture of you wearing the googles and the pink tool belt?