Friday, November 6, 2009

Foosball Week 9

After surviving heart attack #9 the Hawks are still undefeated... 9-0, unreal. We will probably never see this again, I'm going to just keep going with the flow...

The Hawks are taking a beating from the haters. You can't really blame them, Hawks haven't made anything look pretty this year. Need a couple of good beatings to get people to believe.

Hawks 9-0, Northwestern at home, never an easy game for the Hawks
ISU 5-4, Oklahoma State this week, a win may = big 12 title game
Minnesota - 5-4, Illinois at home, a win = bowl eligible
SDSU - 7-1, Southern Illinois, battle of the division leaders, GO RABBITS!
St. Thomas - 7-1, 2 cake games left, make it happen

City High - 11-0, Washington in the second round tonight
Eastview - 6-3, Rosemount tonight
Eden Prairie - 9-0, Minnetonka tonight
Lakeville - 8-2, Owatonna tonight

CR Kennedy - On to state, first match next Wednesday

Vikes have a bye, rest up old man!

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